Ghana Team

Summer 2018


Gerald Deason

Gerald Deason returns for his 3rd trip to Ghana. A certified prosthetist for more than twenty-five years, Gerald also understands the importance of prosthetics personally …he lost a leg himself.

Gerald brings an amazing ingenuity to his work, and the deep love for the patients he treats. His teaching skills are rivaled only by his amazing work ethic, and the Ghana Health Service technicians love Gerald deeply for his professionalism and heart.

Peter Rosenberger

Peter Rosenberger is the founder of Standing With Hope. As Gracie’s caregiver for more than thirty years in the aftermath of her 1983 car accident that eventually cost her 80 operations and claimed both of her legs, Peter understands the challenges and heartaches of caregivers.

He also understands the role caregivers can play in the overall well-being of individuals living with disabilities …particularly amputation. This is his 11th trip to Ghana. 

Gracie Rosenberger

Gracie Rosenberger is the founder of Standing With Hope.

An amputee for 27 years, and a double-amputee for more than 23 years, Gracie brings first hand knowledge of the journey, and Standing With Hope’s prosthetic limb ministry reflects her vision and passion to use prosthetic limbs as an opportunity to share the Gospel. 

Laurie Doty

Laurie Doty joins the team for her first trip to Ghana. Laurie is an attorney with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Laurie brings a passion and lengthy experience of working with at-risk children. Her years of volunteer work, as well as being a close friend and helper to Gracie prompted Laurie to participate in this upcoming trip. Laurie even helped Gracie participate in her first 5k this year …but Laurie handled the running part and pushed Gracie in the wheelchair! The mother of two grown children, Laurie brings an exceptional passion for ministry and education.

Sue Smith

Sue Smith  is an artist who works in a variety of medium including digital art. She and her husband, Leo, have been married for 40 years and have ten children. Sue  prays for, supports and participates in many diverse ministers in the local area and internationally. Sue loves the Word of God and has led Bible studies for more than 30 years.

Serah Smith

Serenah Smith  is a dedicated, responsible young woman who deeply feels the call of God on her life to work in the field of prosthetics—both in design and development and in fitting people with prosthetics. She has a dream of one day opening her own facility where she will be able to help those in need of prosthetic devices. She completed two difficult bachelor’s degrees in a four year period before she was even 21 years old and plans to pursue further education to fulfill her goals.  She interned with Jim McElhiney, CPO.  Mr. McElhiney served as Gracie’s personal prosthetist for more than 27 years, and helped established the training system Standing With Hope utilizes in Ghana.

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