Books by Peter Rosenberger

Hope for the Caregiver

In HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, Peter targets the vast population of America’s 65 million volunteer caregivers of vulnerable loved ones.  Bringing his lifetime of experience, he offers a lifeline to fellow caregivers.

Now in it’s 5th printing, this powerful book has inspired thousands. Strengthening isolated  and lonely caregivers, this book also serves as  valuable resource for physicians, pastors, counselors, and support groups.

With an unparalleled journey as his wife’s caregiver for three decades, Peter has navigated through a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 80 operations, the amputation of both legs, treatment by more than 80 doctors in 12 hospitals, 7 medical insurance companies, and millions in medical bills.

Peter brings an astonishing understanding of health care issues, a deep compassion for the heartache of caregiving, and an outrageous humor to bring the fresh air of laughter into the painful places faced by America’s exponentially growing number of caregivers.

Gracie Standing with Hope

Get the book that launched two ministries and read the story that has inspired millions.

From the roadside of a tragic car accident, to equipping amputees in West Africa to walk on prosthetics, to performing for the President of the United States, Gracie-Standing With Hope takes readers on an extraordinary journey of loss, sorrow, strength, courage, and faith.

Also available on Kindle

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear Comfortable Shoes

With a focus on “those who push the wheelchair,” Peter W. Rosenberger draws upon nearly thirty years of caregiving experience through a medical catastrophe involving 80 operations, multiple amputations, more than 80 physicians, 12 hospitals, 7 insurance companies, and $10 million in health costs – to share practical tips, Biblical principles, and a smattering of his outrageous humor, in order to equip others to survive and thrive as caregivers. This book is filled with practical steps that every caregiver can take to move themselves toward a calmer, healthier, and even more joyful life while serving as a caregiver.

Available in print or on Kindle

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