Standing With Hope is a Christian ministry with two program areas:

If you love someone, you’ll be a caregiver. If you live long enough, you’ll need one. Through our caregiver outreach, we’re helping those who help.

Peter Rosenberger

Founder, Standing With Hope

It’s not enough for me to help my fellow amputees stand. We do all this to share the Gospel and equip them to continue Standing With Hope.

Gracie Rosenberger

Founder, Standing With Hope

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by Gracie:

Songs for the Caregiver AMAZON Songs for the Caregiver ITUNES

Click for more music from Peter and Gracie
Click for more music from Peter and Gracie

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Peter interviewed on the 700 Club

Peter’s article in US NEWS & World Report

US News and World Report


Inmates volunteer to disassemble donated prosthetic limbs in order to recycle parts that help make quality prosthetic limbs for amputees in West Africa. 


The Gift That Keeps On Walking!

Do you know the 7 Caregiver Landmines?

The new book released November 2018!

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