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The prosthetic limb program of Standing With Hope draws from the journey of founder, Gracie Rosenberger, who lost both of her own legs.  Gracie experienced a horrific car accident 32 years ago as a freshman at Nashville’s Belmont University.  Seventy-eight operations later (including the amputation of both legs), Gracie’s passion to help her fellow amputees through ministry and mobility—continues to be the driving cause behind our work.

Recruiting prosthetists from around the country, Standing With Hope teaches and equips local workers within Ghana’s Ministry of Health to build and maintain prosthetic limbs for their own people (as well as from neighboring countries).  For roughly the price of television, lives are changed—one leg at a time.  If the patient cannot afford the co-pay for the limb charged by the clinic, then Standing With Hope will sponsor that limb.   In a unique partnership with Tennessee-based Corrections Corporation of America, inmates at a Nashville prison volunteer to disassemble used prosthetic limbs we collect from around the country to reuse the feet, pylons, knees, connectors, and adapters.

Today is a great day to help someone walk!  Sponsor a limb, sponsor supplies …there are so many ways that YOU can give the gift that keeps on walking!

Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Four years ago, I nearly died …twice.  A wave of challenges all hit at the same time: serious drug-resistant infections, broken vertebra in my back from a fall, an open wound on my left leg, crippling arthritis from the massive breaks and 70+ surgeries, and a nearly...
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An Interview With THE SHACK Author, Paul Young

Paul Young, author of the THE SHACK, called my radio show for family caregivers and discussed the book and the upcoming movie. He read my recent article Why I’m Looking Forward to Seeing The Shack …and I’m a Conservative, Reformed, Evangelical, and took time to call...
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Why I’m Looking Forward to Seeing The Shack …and I’m a Conservative, Reformed, Evangelical.

“You haven’t been reading The Shack, have you?” That question, lobbed at me by a pastor, served as my first encounter with an indignant population in the Christian community who felt the book by Paul Young is heresy at worst—or sappy at best. Accusations over the...
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A Caregiver’s Heart on Valentine’s Day

Keeping love alive in a relationship affected by disease, impairment, and/or chronic pain is daunting. For families with a disabled loved one, the divorce rate lingers around 90 percent. The heartache is intensified as memories and loneliness crash like waves during...
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Gracie-Standing With Hope

GRACIE Standing With Hope by Gracie Rosenberger tells the powerful story that launched a ministry and has touched countless lives. From a tragic car accident that left her permanently disabled and in relentless pain, Gracie emerged as a powerful voice and inspiration...
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Caller: “I’m a Caregiver for An Inmate With Alzheimer’s”

Isolation remains one of the biggest challenges for a caregiver.  The impairment or disease itself creates exhausting logistical hurdles, and the ever-present emotional issues often saps the remaining energy required to engage socially.  As familiar with the harshness...
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An Interview With Joni and Ken Tada

Arguably the world’s most poignant speaker and author on the topic of God’s provision in suffering and disability, Joni Eareckson-Tada has inspired, challenged, and strengthened the faith of uncounted millions. Not since the early church fathers has such a voice...
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Songs for the Caregiver

As a caregiver for more than 30 years, I understand the heartache and challenges caregivers face. As a pianist for more than 45 years, I understand how to use music to communicate to and for a caregiver's heart.  -Peter Rosenberger The number of caregivers of aging,...
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Caregiver Landmine #1: Ignoring Personal Health Needs

65+ million Americans serve as a family caregiver, but 72% of those caregivers put their own health at risk because they don't regularly see a doctor. Do the math, and “Houston …we have a problem!” We caregivers see a lot of doctors. Many of us can perform tasks that...
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An Interview With Gary Chapman

Multiple Dove© Award winner and Grammy© nominee, Gary Chapman, brought  his guitar, his humor, and his heart to my radio show, Caregivers With Hope, and shared his journey as a caregiver for his father who had Parkinson's and then developed multiple myeloma. While a...
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