Last week we received this picture of Annette (12 months old) walking on her new prosthetic limb.  Joseph Thompson made this for her using supplies and materials that Standing With Hope provides.  Annette developed an infection in her leg, but due to a strike by physicians in her area in Ghana, she was untreated and the infection spread to the point where her limb had to be amputated.

We can’t change what happened to Annette, but we can help what happens next.  She will need a new limb every six months or so for some time.  You can help Annette and so many more by sponsoring a leg through Standing With Hope’s prosthetic limb outreach.


Check out a clip about this from Standing WIth Hope co-founder, Peter Rosenberger. on his radio show for caregivers on 12/20/2015.

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Standing With Hope’s Prosthetic Limb Outreach

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