Quality prosthetic limbs for her fellow amputees

3 Decades of Love and Caring

Peter and Gracie Rosenberger, Founders

A Compelling Message

"Healthy Caregivers Make Better Caregivers"

Reaching Family Caregivers

An unprecedented voice. An unprecedented need.


Equipping others to Stand With Hope in Jesus Christ.

Equipping Caregivers

Drawing upon his astonishing 30-year journey as his wife's caregiver through a medical nightmare, Standing With Hope co-founder, Peter Rosenberger, brings hard-won wisdom (along with his deep compassion and outrageous humor) to the reach his fellow caregivers with a proven message of hope and a lifeline of help.

Equipping Amputees

After relinquishing both of her legs, Standing With Hope founder, Gracie Rosenberger, purposed to provide quality limbs to fellow amputees in order to share the Gospel in a powerful and unique way.

Recycled Prosthetic Limbs

Collecting used prosthetic limbs from around the country, Standing With Hope recycles the usable parts from artificial legs and arms.



If you love someone, you'll be a caregiver. If you live long enough, you'll need one. Through our caregiver outreach, we're helping those who help.

Peter Rosenberger, Founder, Standing With Hope

It's not enough for me to help my fellow amputees stand. We do all this to share the Gospel and equip them to continue Standing With Hope.

Gracie Rosenberger, Founder, Standing With Hope

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