The Prosthetic Limb Outreach

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An Extraordinary Journey

Mobility - Message - Ministry

THE BOOK for Caregivers

A lifetime of experience. A lifeline for caregivers.

The Gift of Walking

Changing lives leg at a time.

The Message

An Exceptional Story

The Prosthetic Limb Ministry

After relinquishing both of her legs, Gracie Rosenberger purposed to provide quality limbs to fellow amputees in order to share the Gospel in a powerful and unique way.

The Caregiver Outreach

Through speaking, books, and a radio show, Peter Rosenberger draws upon his 3 decades of experience as Gracie's caregiver (78 operations, multiple amputations, 60 doctors, 12 hospitals, 7 insurance companies, and $9 million in medical bills) to help fellow caregivers.

Recycled Prosthetic Limbs

Collecting used prosthetic limbs from around the country, Standing With Hope recycles the usable parts from artificial legs and arms.



It's not enough for me to help my fellow amputees stand. We do all this to share the Gospel and equip them to continue Standing With Hope.

Gracie Rosenberger, Founder, Standing With Hope

If you love someone, you'll be a caregiver. If you live long enough, you'll need one. Through our caregiver outreach, we're helping those who help.

Peter Rosenberger, Founder, Standing With Hope

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    Don’t Do This Alone!...

    All too often, caregivers try to “white-knuckle” through the brutal challenges of caregiving all by themselves.  It’s unsustainable!  Listen to this clip from the radio show.  

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  • Caregivers and Nurses...

    Through my 30 year journey as caregiver, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of nurses.  I’ve encountered nurses from every type of faith and from nearly every ethnicity— as well as all age groups such as those with fresh …

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  • Napoleon...

    Of all the patients we’ve treated through Standing With Hope’s prosthetic limb ministry, Napoleon’s story grabs us even stronger than most.
    When a transformer blew, Napoleon was knocked unconscious, and awoke to find himself suspended in his harness with …

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  • Caregivers and Addictions...

    Often, pharmaceuticals or alcohol compound an already challenging situations.  Listen to the show from September 20 to hear Peter Rosenberger’s thoughts on this issue. The nation’s #1 show for caregivers on 1510 WLAC each Sunday at 3 PM CST

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  • Prosthetic Team Trip 2015...

    On 8/28/2015, Standing With Hope will send another team to continue the prosthetic limb ministry launched more than a decade ago.
    Below are team members that raise their support, and you can help sponsor one or all.
    In addition, there …

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